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Job Details

Expected Postdoctoral Opportunity in Soft-Matter Single-Molecule Fluorescence Characterization
Gaithersburg, MD USA
Position Type: Post Doc
Relocation Provided: No

Job Description:
The Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology at the National Institute of Standards and Technology is a user facility with a highly interdisciplinary research effort. The Centerís research is agile and highly interactive by design, with significant contributions from a rotating cadre of outstanding postdoctoral researchers and many collaborative projects both with NIST scientists and with others from across the US and abroad. We are therefore looking for people with a strong desire to perform exceptional work as part of a highly-skilled team.

The research staff members are organized into three Groups: Nanofabrication Research, Electron Physics and Energy. This research position is in the Nanofabrication Research Group. Postdoctoral positions are nominally for a two-year term.

The CNST is developing new techniques for 3D nanoscale imaging in soft materials. We anticipate that there will be an opportunity in 2012 to conduct postdoctoral research in the use of single-molecule fluorescence optical microscopy to map both the nanoscale structure and chemistry of soft-material systems including block copolymers and photoresists.

This effort requires expertise in optics, dye chemistry, nanofabrication, image processing, statistical analysis, and instrument design and control. A solid background in physics and optics with exposure to single-molecule imaging is a strong plus.

Application Info:
For additional information about these opportunities, including how to apply, see http://www.nist.gov/cnst/postdoc.cfm, and contact:

J. Alexander Liddle
Group Leader, Nanofabrication Research
Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
National Institute of Standards and Technology
100 Bureau Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20899
Tel: 301 975 6050
E-mail: liddle@nist.gov

The Department of Commerce is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Posted: 2012-03-27 14:59:59
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